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17 09 2010

It seems that I only update this blog when something major happens in my life. Oh wells.

Well, I’m flying off this evening to Australia. As some of you may know, I’m serving National Service (NS) right now. It’s an obligatory thing for all guys in Singapore to serve NS once he has come to age. I’ve decided to list down the things which I would miss here in Singapore while I’ll be gone for the next 2 and a half months. The list is not in any particular order.

1. Church worship
– Well, I’ll miss the fellowship and the singing of hymns in church. I love singing hymns, and not being able to sing hymns with the congregation is really quite saddening. Not being able to listen to sound preaching is also not exactly the best thing that can happen. I can only pray that God will look after me and guide me during this time.

2. The comfort of family and home
– Certainly I’ll miss my family and home. There’s no mum or dad to watch my back now. There’s no comfortable and familiar bed to sleep on. There’s no personal laptop to fiddle around with.

3. Friends
– My friends have always been supporting me in and out of army. Now that I’ll be in Australia for 2 and a half months, and cellphone reception may not always be present, I really don’t know how I’ll survive without that sms exchange. Well, hopefully I’ll be able to send occasional emails out or post on my Facebook.

4. Food
– I will miss the hawker food here in Singapore. Already, I can’t imagine what it’ll be like without the U-Mee that I regularly eat from a coffee shop near my home. There’s also the roti-prata
that I regularly eat on Sunday mornings at Singpost. Man, 10 weeks without those food, I know I’ll surely miss them.

5.  Gunpla
– The smell of paint and thinner. Man, 2 and a half months without building gunpla, I think I’ll suffer from withdrawal symptoms! There goes my plan of joining this year’s BAKUC. Well, there’s always next year to look forward to I guess.

6. My other figures
– Besides building my gunpla, I’ll miss playing around with my other figures. It’s fun just to take my figure out and play around with it for a while. It gives an unexplainable sense of satisfaction. I feel like a 3 year old kid when I say that, but hey, I like it. What else can I say?

7.  My weekly dosage of tokusatsu, anime and drama
– Well, I’ll be missing a whole lot of toku, anime and drama when I’m gone. There’s Kamen Rider OOO, Tensou Sentai Goseiger, DaiMajin Kanon, Digimon Xros Wars, and a whole lot of non-weekly/regularly released shows at that. Man, loads of catching up to do when I return in 2 and a half months time ^^

Well, I think that about sums up my main thoughts. There’ll be more things for sure, just probably hasn’t struck my mind yet. I’ll be doing a mini journal log when I’m there, so I’ll post more when I return.

– Matt.


Nobody’s Perfect

9 07 2010

Nobody’s Perfect
– Performed by Kouji Kikkawa







Nobody’s Perfect.
Nobody’s Perfect.



Those wounded arms
Are embracing something
The bruise on your cheek –
You try to wipe it off with a smile

This pain won’t
Kill off my kindness
By knowing one’s weakness
People can become stronger

Now, count up your crimes!
Let it weigh on your soul
To protect those you love
Stand up and face it
Stand up, go ahead and face it

The path that I must walk –
There’s only one such path right now
For your broken dream,
It gives strength to it

Just keep moving forward
Until you meet yourself

Now, count up your crimes!
Let it weigh on your soul
To live with those you love…
Embrace them
Just try and embrace them

Nobody’s Perfect.
Nobody’s Perfect.
That’s just proof that you’re alive!

Now, count up your crimes!
Let it weigh on your soul
To protect those you love
Stand up and face it
No matter when it is…
Stand up, go ahead and face it

1st Anniversary: Reflections

3 07 2010

Well it’s been a year since I shifted from blogger and opened this blog. Many things happened over the past year, and the experiences I had helped me grow as a person. I haven’t been posting much ever since this year started, in part due to army, but also in part due to my laziness as well.

As I think back over the year, I can’t help but see all my imperfections. A recent event made me feel really stupid and even more imperfect than ever. I can’t help but recall the phrase “Nobody’s perfect” when I think back over the past year. “Nobody’s Perfect – that’s the proof of being alive!” is a line in the song “Nobody’s Perfect”. Indeed, imperfection helps define us, as it we learn through our experiences.

Also, it’s been exactly half a year since I entered the army. The experiences have both been trying, yet fun. People I have met, experiences I’ve had; all these taught me precious lessons in life. I’ve a lot to learn. A lot about how to handle people, how to handle relationships, how to talk well. I’ve been doing too many things wrongly, and I’ve wronged others as well. Sometimes, I wish I could turn back time, but to alter time is to alter one’s own destiny itself. Everything happens for a reason, and God is in control of everything. I’ve fallen by the wayside many a times, but God has been gracious to watch over me and pick me up again.

LORD God Almighty, I take this time to rededicate myself unto Thee. If not for Thy loving kindness, I would have long been destroyed by the devil. LORD, teach me and guide me in this life O LORD. Teach me Thy way, and help me to grow up as a better man. The many sins that I’ve committed, forgive me for them. I thank Thee for sustaining me thus far, and I pray that Thou would sustain me through, all the way of my life. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Will I ever update this blog more often? Honestly, probably not. I’m probably only gonna update this blog as and when I feel inspired or moved to.

Possible Anime Review to come…?

21 06 2010

Well, as the title says. I’m planning to do a review on a certain anime. I’m not sure if I’d do a series review, or an ‘episode-by-episode’ review for the series. What series would I do? Hmm, you’d have to wait and find out =)

Trust me, it’s gonna be an enjoyable series. I never watch stupid anime.

The Lack of Updates

10 06 2010

Well, I’ve been lazy. And my brain has been too inactive to type out anything constructive recently. Though I’d like to post this short snippet up. Some people really need to grow up. It’s irking me, A LOT.

Well, a little update about my life right now. I’m like in my 8th week of my technical course right now, and I’d be passing out in 2 weeks on the 24th of June. *yay* Honestly, I can’t wait to get out of my current training institute. Sure, it’s kinda slack and it’s not very tiring (besides the travelling to and fro), but life there is getting a little mundane.

Looking at my past few months’ updates, they seem to be getting shorter (not to mention the record of only 1 post in May and none in February), and less… umm… intellectual. It’s official, my brain’s pretty messed up right now. I can attribute a few reasons to the lack of postings. Well, okay 2 main reasons.

  1. Life is too boring! There’s nothing interesting to post up!
  2. I used to have my “A Photo A Week” project, which ensured that I had at least 4 posts per month each time. Now, I don’t even have time to go out and shoot. Or rather I don’t want to spend so much time going out. =/

Well, at least my other blog’s still active. But no, I’m not about to merge the two blogs. Well, in time to come, I hope to do reviews of shows that I watch on this blog. That could possibly help me regain some of my intellect (if I actually had any in the first place ><). When would this ever materialise…? Honestly, I don’t know. Those who follow me on my other blog would know: my Gundam Astraea project has been going on for 3 months now, and it’s only about a third done? Yeah, procrastination. I even do that with my hobby! XD

Post-College Day Reflections

16 05 2010

So TJ’s College Day was held yesterday (15/05/10) morning. When I went back to school and met with my teachers and friends, I couldn’t help but miss school a lot. Yes, I know I did complain a lot when I was in school and all; but now that I’m in army, I can’t help but miss the fun and freedom in school. What supports me in army right now are my close friends from school.

I used to take my daily meetings with my friends for granted. When you lose something, only then do you realise it’s importance. Now that I can’t meet them regularly, I can’t help but miss the fun times we had together in school, albeit we had all the studies to deal with. Sure, I do meet them every once in a while, but post-JC life means each of us walking our own journeys in life. We might have taken the same subject combination in JC, but we are walking very different paths in university. When I look back, I can’t help but feel nostalgic over school – I miss my freedom.

GACKT’s song, Stay the Ride Alive, gives a very apt description of how I feel now whenever I think back about school life. I honestly doubt I need to explain it much. (Japanese lyrics posted here earlier on.)

Stay the Ride Alive
Performed by GACKT

The wind shines; the trees sway and sparkle
I can’t help but think that this moment would be unforgettable

More important than the time I spent walking, or the distance…
Are these unmeasurable encounters with people; they even shine now

When I was looking from a place void of light,
In the depths of loneliness I heard
Everlasting words
In the past you gave me
Even as the constellations change, what never changes
Is this steadfast and eternal bond
Even if we never meet again; Stay alive

The time called “the future” can be changed, but…
The time called “memory” can never be changed by anyone

That voice echoing in my heart
“I’ll take you and your memories to the ends of the future”

When I was searching the vast open skies,
When I was lost in the night; I saw the shining
Everlasting heart
In the past you showed me
Even when everything comes to an end
We would be eternally connected by our memories
I will continue to tell myself in my heart; Stay alive

Stopping, looking back, walking again
We are always on a journey
Getting hurt, falling, standing again
“Be strong!”… surely that is the promise!

When I was looking from a place void of light,
In the depths of loneliness I heard
Everlasting words
In the past you gave me
Even as the constellations change, what never changes
Is this steadfast and eternal bond
Even if I try to end this journey,
Ever if we never meet again
Stay alive


27 04 2010

Finally, another update! Maybe I should update more often, but army’s making my brain very… umm… yeah…

Now that I’m back at OETI, I have to do guard duty. And just my luck, I have to do it on this Sunday, 2nd May. I got the bad end of the deal – I could have had a long weekend from Saturday till Monday, but because of stupid guard duty, this ‘long weekend’ is now gone.

The worse part is that I had plans for that day, but I had to shaft them to Monday instead. The worst part however, is that I can’t go to church on that Sunday! It’s weird to not be in church on Sunday. To make matters worse, you’re in camp! ARGH!

Well, at least I get to meet Xiu on Monday.

Oh yeah, and it’s such an irony. I was excused from rifle during BMT, but now I’m a small arms technician trainee learning to handle all the different small arms weapons that the SAF has. Even my Wing Sergeant Major finds it ironic. LOL.